Sci-Fi Series “Invasion” Starring Sam Neill Release Date On Apple TV+

Invasion Series Release Date: Invasion is a new TV Show with Scientific fiction Genre. In this the Plot revolves around an alien attack on different part of the globe like United States, The United Kingdom, Japan and Afghanistan. This Show will Premiere Specially on Apple TV+

Invasion Series Release Date


Apple TV+ is launching this Show and Viewers are very much excited about it. This Story is set in Post Apocalyptiic world where aliens enter on earth and starts attacking. Alines will be shown as strange animals between human civilization.

Invasion Showrunners

Written by – Boat Rocket Studious Production

Produced by Simon Kinberg and David Weil

Directed By – Jakob Verbruggen (Emmy Award Nominee)

Executive Producers – Audrey Chon, Amy, Kaufman and Elisa Ellis, in Addition to Andrew Baldwin who also writes.

Boat Rocker Studiou’s Executive Producer – Katie O’Connell Marsh

Invasion Release Date

Invasion TV was announced by apple in early 2019. It is the First American TV Show that began in August 2020. At last the Invasion will release on Apple TV+ on October 22nd 2021. The first 3 Episodes are available on Apple TV+ and the Subsequent Episodes will run on every Friday.

Invasion Trailer

The full Trailer of Invasion was launched on Apple TV’s Youtube Page in last month. Till now it has got more than 4 million views. This Show is a total of 10 Episodes. The first 3 Episodes gets release and made available on Apple TV+. Its a High Budget TV Show as it shows us aliens on apocalyptic world with Visual Effects.

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Invasion Cast

Sam Neill as Sheriff John Bell Tyson

Shamier Anderson as Trevante Ward (Exceptional Soldier Stationed in Afghanisthan)

Golshefteh Farahani as Aneesha Malik (first generation syrian immigrant)

Ahmed Firas Nassar (Spouse of Aneesha, Syrian Immigran and wealthy Businessman).

Invasion Plot

The Plot and Story revolves around a Syrian Immigrant family and Apocalyptic world where aliens coming on earth and start Destroying and killing everyone. Its about how these people struggle together to Protect this Planet. This show also has a slogan which say’s “hang on to your society”.

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