My Name Season 2 Release Date: Is It officially Renewed At All?

The South Korean popular TV Show is My Name debuted on Netflix on October 15th, 2021. It’s called with the name Undercover Nemesis. It received a huge number of viewers and has done well so far. There are total of 8 episodes in all. IMDB has given 8.1 out of 10 on its page and 97% of people like the show. It’s an action and crime thriller series. The question is that is it renewed for My Name Season 2?

My Name Season 2 Release Date

 What IS My Name About?

My Name is all about a lady named Yoon Ji-Woo who is out for avenge. Her father was assassinated recently. She is on the hunt for her father’s killer. To find the killer, she joins a powerful crime gang and will be undercover as Cop on her mission. Viewers are quite interested that the show is appreciated and taken forward by a firm female protagonist.

My Name Cast

  • Han So-hee as Yoon Ji-woo / Oh Hye-jin
  • Park Hee-soon as Choi Mu-jin
  • Ahn Bo-hyun as Jeon Pil-do
  • Kim Sang-ho as Cha Gi-ho
  • Lee Hak-joo as Jung Tae-ju
  • Chang Ryul as Do Gang-jae
  • Yoon Kyung-ho as Yoon Dong-hoon

Though the cast is limited, the talented cast take it forward quite esthetically. It’s directed by Kim Jin-min and written by Kim Ba-da. Hwang  Sang Jun has composed the music. 

My Name Trailer

Following Season 1, there are huge anticipations about the second season. Would it take place? When will it release? Would it be streamed on Netflix? Here’s what we can know about it.

My Name Season 2

My Name Season 1 finished pretty recently.   Yoon Ji-woo has an objective that made him do the second season. It’s quite difficult to say whether My Name Season 2 is going to be on the floor or not.

Netflix hasn’t announced anything with regards to My Name Season 2. Since My Name Season, 1 has finished recently. Netflix usually waits for a month at least when the show is about to take place and to renew it for another season.

The announcement can be expected quite soon like in few weeks. 


My Name is to come for the second season, it would be released around the middle or later parts of 2022. Since there hasn’t been any official announcement yet. Therefore, production hasn’t yet commenced. My Name will be back on screens by late 2022.


As most of the characters met with their ends in the first season, it’s unsure who will come back. All we know is that Han So-hee as Yoon Ji-woo and Kim Sang-ho as Cha GI-ho could be back as they are the only ones who didn’t die.  

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